The Good Game List

Games in bold have badges

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  • Coil This game is DEEP. It will make you stop and really think.
  • SteamBirds – Top-down turn-based aerial dogfight.
  • Amorphous+ – a very hard but very fun action game that will keep you entertained for hours.
  • Hanger – Nice physics driven rope swinging platformer game that will keep you entertained for a good hour.
  • Microbe Chain - a quick little dodging game that is challenging and fun.
  • Grapnel – Warning: this game is super addictive.
  • Gravitee Wars – It’s kinda like Worms but it’s in space and with more win.
  • Mutilate a Doll - my personal favorite, It’s like Interactive Buddy but much much better.
  • Endeavor – a stunning retro style platformer 
  • Casus – a very hard but enjoyable platformer
  • Lucky Tower - a good platformer with even better humor
  • Elements –multiplayer card battle game that draws inspiration from Magic the Gathering but with a style all it's own
  • Elona Shooter – amazing defense game with RPG elements (Note: It’s very difficult!)
  • Doodle God I don’t even know how to describe this one other than “Awesome”
  • Arachnophilia a totally unique game where you make and maintain a web while trying catch bugs. (It’s ALOT of fun)
  • Aether - an one of a kind puzzle/platformer game.
  • 99 Bricks -Tetris with physics… it's difficult but very entertaining. 
  • Pwong 2 – extremely fast paced pong with sometimes more than 20 balls on screen at once!
  • Streamline – probably one of the hardest games on Kongregate. Can you beat it?… I can’t :(
  • Bloody Fun Day – a puzzle game that is easy to learn but very hard to master.
  • Red simple, fast paced, challenging and above all unique Shooter with excellent music and style.
  • Meat Boy - if you’re a platformer sadist then this is your kind of game.
  • Glean - a retake on the game Motherlode.
  • Super Fishing - a fishing game unlike any other that provides challenge and fun for any gamer.
  • BioGems - if you took Bejeweled and gave it a fighting game spin and upgrades you'd get this game.



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